AHS - opening theme over years

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Rare of Evan Peters a year before he starred on American Horror Story season 1.

Oh I remember take him that photo in my bed

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"No, no enough lying, it’s over. Everyone here is a witch, I’m so sorry, please don’t send us to jail."

cordelia is just like
"jesus fuck you stupid asshole what the hell ughh"

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Thank you ♡ ❤♡ ❤

Woow 1,511 followers!! Thanks so much!! ♡ ❤
Its good to see that there’s more and more people supporting not only my blog but the AHS fandom as well!! Lets make this fandom the biggest! Thank you again, love you all ♡ ❤


Assignment done for my mentor class. My mentor asked me to create a series of 3 cover illustrations for a collector’s edition DVD box-set of the American Horror Story trilogy. I wanted to pull out certain important elements of each season and give it my own interpretation while also keeping it abstract. 

Also shout out to Ruben Ireland, an incredibly talented artist who was awesome enough to be my mentor and give me such a fun project to illustrate!  

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when someone says something to offend you but you pretend you don’t care


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she betta respond with a thank you and gift of a million dollars for my brilliant idea

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